• Ceiling/Track/Down Light LED Driver

    Ceiling Light, Tracking Light, Down light,and other Indoor Luminaires
    Optional Valuable Features
    ●Strengthened Surge Protection , L-N:2kV
    ●Part Potting for Thermal and Dampproof improvements
    ●High Efficiency & No Flicker & Low THD & High PF
    ●Manual Adjustable
    ●Good Performance for 0-10V&Resistor&10V PWM Dimming
    ●Metal Enclosure and UL Cert. Dedicated for US Panel

  • Industry/Street/Flood Light LED Driver

    Industry Light (High bay, Low Bay, etc), Street Light, Flood Light, and Other Outdoor Luminaires and other Indoor Luminaires
    Optional Valuable Features
    ●Utilizing Synchronous Rectifier Technology to Gain Ultra-High Efficiency and Thermal Improvements For Low Output Voltage and Large Applications
    ●0-10V&Resistor&10V PWM Dimming
    ●Light Turn-off while Ultra-Low Control Voltage of 0-10 Dimming
    ●Economic Models for 80-100W Suitable Applications
    ●No Flicker Option for Cost Down

  • Customized and Special LED Driver

    Freezer Light, and other Indoor and Outdoor Luminaires
    Optional Valuable Features
    ●Internal 10kV Surge Protection
    ●Open Frame – Easy Internal Installation
    ●Multiple Channel – up to 8 channels;
    ●Customerized and Different