LIM180 Series

- 180W Dimmable and Adjustable CC Mode Output
- Compliance with Worldwide Safety Regulations of Lighting
- 90~305VAC Input Range and 100~277VAC Rated Supply Voltage
- Ultra-High Efficiency : up to 94.0%
- Constant Current(CC) Mode Output
- Manual Adjustment of 50%~100% IO_max(Optional)
- Constant Voltage (CV) Mode at the Max. Output Voltage
- Compatible Dimming with Two Dimming Cables(Optional)
█      0-10V/10V PWM/Resistance Dimming
█      Dimming to Off via Regulating Vo Very Low
- Surge Protection: 4kV(L to N), 6kV(L,N to PE)
- Input UVLO, Output SCP and OVP and OTP
- IP65/IP67 for Indoor/Outdoor Application
- 5 Years Warranty

    Model Number
  • LIM180 Series Datasheet_V1.0